posted Sep.08.16 at 11:00 pm

It's a wrap.


Since we had two pages today, there'll only be two posts next week -- the chapter stinger sketch, and the intermission image -- and then no updates the week after that for my customary week break in between chapters. :)

I'll be posting concept art for the next chapter up on my patreon in the meantime! Thanks for reading! Now is a great time to re-read this chapter, or the whole thing from the beginning!

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Nov.20.17 at 11:46 am

Howdy, folks. Holiday shopping season is upon us, so I thought I drop a quick note to let you know where you can pick up some WL things for your gifting and getting needs this year.

Wilde Life Volume One

The first WL collection (chapters 1 – 3)

Available in the Hiveworks shop!

This book is full color, over 150 pages and has exclusive artwork!


Wilde Life Shirts and Prints

You can pick up various WL shirts and prints in my Society6 shop, including Cliff’s Waffle Roger tee.

Happy gifting!




Sep.10.17 at 10:31 pm


This Friday night at 7pm CST I'll be taking doodle requests and drawing them LIVE at picarto.tv/lepas!

I'll be taking requests from patrons (put in your requests here!) but everyone is invited to come watch the doodling! Bring a drink and a snack and come get pleasantly tipsy with your old pal Paz while we make some nonsense. :)

You can check out past doodlestream results on my tumblr!

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