Main Cast

wl-cast-oscar   Oscar Wilde – Not the Oscar Wilde, just an Oscar Wilde. A writer from Chicagoland, Oscar rented Sylvia’s house from Barbara Yaga without knowing it was haunted. Oscar is good natured, even-tempered, and a little pedantic. He doesn’t like to talk about himself and finds ways to avoid conversations that get too personal. He has a weakness for beer and pretty girls.
wl-cast-sylvia   Sylvia Snyder – The ghost of a World War 2 mathematician, Sylvia died in 1948 and has haunted her mother’s house ever since. She was very lonely until Oscar moved in. Sylvia loves card games and learning about what has happened in the world since she died. Her emotions sometimes get the better of her and she is prone to sudden mood swings.
 bio-clifford   Clifford Norman – A sixteen-year-old werewolf from Oklahoma. Clifford was originally born in Georgia, but his mother moved to Podunk shortly after he was born. Clifford doesn’t trust many people and keeps his wolf side a secret. He doesn't like Eliza and currently seems to be under the protection of the White Faced Bear. He and Oscar are not-friends.
    Eliza Proctor – A local witch and the source of the mysterious blue roses. She has a connection with the White Faced Bear and seems to know a great deal about the strange things that happen around Podunk. She lives in the woods with her girlfriend Darcy and has on occasion revealed herself to wield great power, though she is hesitant to discuss the particulars of her abilites with Oscar. Her personality clashes with Clifford, but she does her best to protect him because of her allegiance to the White Faced Bear.

Supporting Cast

wl-cast-barbara   Barbara Yaga – Oscar’s chain-smoking landlady and the owner of Sylvia’s house. Might actually be a witch. She has two redbone hounds named Cletus and Remus.
 bio-nora   Nora Hudson – Clifford’s mother. She moved to Podunk from Georgia when Clifford was still a baby. Once in Podunk she married Carl Hudson and adopted a second son, Kevin. Nora works long hours to try and make a good life for her children. She and Clifford have grown apart in recent years.
    Becky and Richard Callahan – Oscar's neighbors. The Callahan's were haunted by the ghost of their daughter Dani, who they lost unexpectedly when she drowned in a swimming pool. Oscar had a chance encounter with Becky one morning while out for a walk, which led to a trip to the hospital and a confrontation with Dani.
    Darcy Flores - Eliza's girlfriend and an ardent lover of werewolves. She has a quick wit and isn't afraid to say what is on her mind. She, like Oscar, is not magical.
    River Franklin - Oscar's older sister. She means well, but can be controlling. Oscar was living at her apartment before he ran away. River is worried about Oscar and wants to find out where he is so she and her husband Franklin can bring him back to Chicago.
    Joseph Franklin - Everyone calls him Franklin. River's giant husband, capable of slinging Oscar over his shoulder like a sack of bespectacled potatoes. 




The White Faced Bear – A giant talking bear. He lives in the woods and appears surrounded by pools of light, heralded by a vast network of wolf spiders. Presumed to be a being of great power, other monsters shrink away from him. He often communicates with Eliza, though he did not tell her that he was shrouding Clifford from detection. His reasons for protecting Clifford are unknown.

Origin of legend: Aleutian


Thunder Children – Small sprites made out of ash and electricity. The Thunder Children lie in wait for lost travellers, tricking the travellers into following them to their lairs and consuming them.

Origin of legend: Cherokee

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