posted May.09.17 at 11:26 pm

Chapter 7 starts on May 29th! Until then you can catch me on twitter and tumblr. Previews of Chapter 7 and extras up on patreon!

More Wilde Life stuff on Gumroad and Society 6.  That's all I got! Thanks for reading! You're great!

See you in a couple weeks!




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Sep.10.17 at 10:31 pm


This Friday night at 7pm CST I'll be taking doodle requests and drawing them LIVE at!

I'll be taking requests from patrons (put in your requests here!) but everyone is invited to come watch the doodling! Bring a drink and a snack and come get pleasantly tipsy with your old pal Paz while we make some nonsense. :)

You can check out past doodlestream results on my tumblr!

May.07.17 at 10:43 pm

I will be at TCAF this very weekend, provided Canada has bad judgement and lets me into it's bountiful land! If you're going to be there as well, come grab a book or a drawing or a free bookmark!

The resends have gone out, so if you were part of the group who had a package get eaten by a Yeti, please check your email for your shipping notice (or enjoy your book because I've gotten reports of them arriving!). Thanks for backing and now I hope I can really knock out those mini comics!

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