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Posted January 10, 2016 at 10:44 pm

The Patreon is actually really REALLY close to being an amount that would allow me to sustainably make Wilde Life full time. That would mean three or more updates every week for you, and a complete dream come true for me. It just needs a little push to make it. So, if you’ve enjoyed Wilde Life and want more, please consider supporting it on Patreon!


Patreon Goal Reached!

The Wilde Life Patreon hit the concept artbook reward level over the past week, which is very exciting! (It hit this level just before Patreon made the switch from displaying the gross pledge amount to the net amount the artist actually gets, so then it got knocked back down a bit. Oops! But we made it again!)

So, I’ll be facing my old art fears and putting together a PDF that collects all the stuff I worked on from 2010 forward to get this comic ready to go. That’ll be available for patrons to download and enjoy in a few weeks.

Including some art like this:

My vices never hurt me like my virtuesYou keep it Red Riding Hoodie we’re social mutts thusnothing really suits us
This comic is just my love letter to Oklahoma.
“If we die today, at least we’ll know the secret.”
Just a couple of plain ol’ boring non-monster people who can’t turn into animals or do magic or anything. Living the dream of a turquoise fringe jacket through Eliza.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that is similar to kickstarter, in that a lot of people contribute a little bit of money towards a financial goal in return for a product, but is intended for continuing projects like comics. You pledge a given amount and every month Patreon automatically deducts that pledge amount from your credit card. It makes supporting creators really easy, and patrons get access to a backer blog that includes exclusive rewards like wallpapers, livestreams, custom doodle requests, and more.

Anyway, I also want to thank everyone so much for the support you've shown this comic so far! It really means a lot to me and I'm just sort of blown away every single day when I think about it! Thanks so much for reading!



Posted August 9, 2015 at 11:14 pm

HUGE THANKS to everyone who has supported Wilde Life on Patreon so far! We hit the $1000 mark over the weekend and I'm so amazed and excited about what this means for the comic in the future!!

Thank you so much, patrons!! I've wanted to make comics my job for ten years now and it's starting to seem like it's really going to happen because of you guys!

What is Patreon?
If you haven't heard of Patreon before, it's sort of like Kickstarter, except it is for recurring monthly donations. You pledge a dollar amount and once a month your credit card is charged. When everybody gives a little, it adds up to an amount that allows me to keep making the comic!

I've already been able to hire a flatter to assist me in coloring the pages and that has 100% been responsible for the regular 2x a week scedule. There have been times (a lot of times recently Z_Z) when my work schedule would have made it impossible to keep up with updates without being able to pay for color assists. It has been a tremendous help in keeping this thing going!

What's Next?
The next Patreon milestone is at $1500/month. If we get there, I'll make a PDF (and possibly a few physical copies if enough people are interested!) of all the concept art I did from 2010 until 2014 while I was developing Wilde Life. There's a lot of neat stuff in there, like: 

Early Thunder Children drawings!


Hanyi the World Eater!!!! AND LITERALLY LIKE FOUR YEARS MORE of art and sketches!

So, if you've been enjoying the comic and want to see more of it, including three-a-week updates, please consider backing Wilde Life on patreon!


xoxo Paz

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Posted May 10, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Hey, Guys! Thanks to the generous support of Patreon patrons, there will be THREE pages this week - on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Be sure to come back for them! (Extra updates on the 11th, 13th, & 15th)

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to the comic via patreon! I've been able to use the money to hire Deanna to flat Wilde Life pages for me while I'm at work. Sometimes because of my job and other obligations, I don't get to start working on the comic until 8 or 9 pm. There have been times recently when I wouldn't have been able to keep up with drawing and coloring two pages a week without having the flats done. Sometimes, when the extra help lets me get three pages done, I pass that extra page right along to you guys!

I'm super grateful to all of you for your help and support! It keeps this train rolling along. 

If you like getting these extra updates, please consider backing me on Patreon! I'm closer than I ever have been to being able to do comics full time because of the support of patrons, and going full time would mean three updates every week all the time.

 Support Wilde Life on Patreon!

If you can't pledge by patreon, that's okay! Please consider sharing the comic with your friends or on social media! Spreading the word helps a lot too. :)

Thanks for reading and all of your support, you guys! Enjoy the bonus updates!



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