posted Aug.23.16 at 11:05 pm

couple of news items: design a shirt for cliff, and doodlestream


Aug.22.16 at 07:24 pm

Patrons can now help me design a shirt that Cliff will wear in Chapter 6! It’s gonna be fun! :O

Details on patreon:


Jul.24.16 at 10:50 pm

The next patron-request doodle stream will be this Saturday at 8pm! Everyone is welcome to attend, but I'll only be taking requests via patreon. 

Tune in to to watch me draw some doodles LIVE! As many as we can get to until around midnight or so. Bring a snack and a drink and be prepared to giggle.

Patrons, put in your requests here:

To see past doodles, check them out on my tumblr!

See you on Saturday!

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