posted Oct.25.16 at 10:59 pm


Oct.21.16 at 10:34 am

I know a lot of you have been asking for Wilde Life on Comic Chameleon, and I'm happy to announce that Wilde Life has been added to the service. Big thanks to Bernie for his hard work at importing it! Enjoy! :)

Sep.26.16 at 01:15 pm


Things are ready to ship from the warehouse! Please make sure you have filled out your kickstarter survey (either from the emailed link, or by logging in to your kickstarter account!) with your current shipping address so that your rewards can be sent to you!

And, YES, the books and any overstocked rewards will be available to purhcase online just as soon as all the backers have their rewards! :)

I'm now starting work on the mini comic rewards and will release each one as it is complete! :D

Thanks so much, everyone!


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