Posted January 11, 2023 at 10:49 pm

Okay. So, here's just an update of what is going on right now. When my dad died, it left my brother and I in charge of our grandmother. She has dementia, and it was a very hectic sprint to get guardianship, try to sort out her finances and medical information, and get her into a proper care home. All of that while trying to put together a memorial service for my dad. It's been a lot. I haven't been home except to sleep.

Now that Grandma is in a safe place getting medical care, we aren't on such an intense timeline. We also have to get her house cleaned out so we can sell it and use the funds for her care costs, but that is something that we will hopefully be able to work on at a pace that isn't so overwhelming. I really, REALLY want to get back to work again. I'll let you know. Thank you for being patient.

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