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Whew!! Here's a MASSIVE fanart roundup! So much amazing stuff here!

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I like my men like I like my otters. Adorable and fresh out of water! Oscar and Sylvia from the excellent webcomic Wilde life.

This is good vday waffle!!!! rainosa:

God i wish had pressure sensitivity

cute! ryguynns:

some fanart of Clifford (the big teenaged and moderately moody werewolf) from an awesome webcomic known as Wilde Life which you should go read right now
my sincerest apologies for being furry trash this is 100% non-canon


So turns out Wilde Life is a pretty sweet webcomic and y’all should check it out if you get a chance. Went ahead and drew some of the characters. From left to right we have James Joyce, Lassie, Casper the Thirsty Ghost, and Sabrina. Join Joyce as he attempts to blend into a small town and does a horrible job! Watch him seduce ghosts! Fight ghosts! Reason with ghosts! Also, werewolves?? 
There’s also a Kickstarter going on if you like throwing money at things. 

J.D. Salinger, Cujo, Patrick Swayze in GHOST but a lady this time, Bewitched oddsbod:

Eliza is the most fun to draw.  Summer witch lyfffffe. 
Also, big news!  Pascalle Lepas’s kickstarter for her comic, Wilde Life, is going on right now!  Donation page is over here, definately worth checking out.  
This will probably be the last piece of fanart I draw for a while.  Big project requirements are due for my joint major in writing and art, and I need concrete comic pages done very soon, so almost all my work from now on will be Prosperity.  Basically my big chance to show my work to professors, get advice, and take lots of big little steps forward!
Also. Shadows are really hard.

So much lovely fanart lately!! I’m completely spoiled. Thank you! <3

I wanted to show my love for the webcomic Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas.I highly recommend reading it and supporting the kickstarter for volume one.I love these babies so much my heart hurts.

Thank you SO MUCH! ahhhh I didn’t even know you read it.Cliff fell asleep while they were watching a movie, again. childishdormouse:

Wilde Life doodle fanart !

Pretty, sweet Sylvia <3

I wanted to do a Wilde Life warm up sketch and I was looking up some wolf reference for Clifford… and I saw a baby wolf photo. And damn those things are cute! So here’s a baby Clifford who changed in his crib, terrified and uncomfortable out of his mind because…. what is going on?! 
Go read the comic and check out the Kickstarter, we’re so close to a bonus Clifford comic! 

I have been murdered by the cuteness of this picture.  <3 <3p.s. you should check out @cartoonheroes tumblr because it has many good and beautiful stuffs! :) kylesenpaidoodles:

I just had to draw a ThunderchildI love them so muchThey’re so cute and wonderfully creepy!The Thunderchildren are from Lepas’s webcomic, “Wilde Life”! I highly recommend you give it a read if you love fantasy! Read it here: And don’t forget to check out the artist! I love her work! ***This is not my own character, only fanart!*** 

well, hello hello to you! :D

A drawing of Cliff, a character from a web comic called Wilde Life! :3 I spent a lot of time trying to make the arms look less awkward-, but nope. They still look awkward.. XD

poor Cliff, always salty about something! bushyxtail:

Another drawing of Cliff! :3 It was kinda messed up by my little cousin(which is what you see by the mouth), but i tried to cover it as best as i could(-?) without using photoshop.. 

another cute one! cynthart:

Quick sketch of Clifford from Wilde Life! Whenever I have the time to do so (school is currently crushing me omg) I’ll probably fix it up and paint it or smth

teenage glarewolf

Congrats to @lepas for a successful Kickstarter! I bet Sylvia had never been so colorful 🌈👌

She looks so good in your style!! <3 itskatieclearly:

Some webcomics I’ve been reading:
Wilde Life

possession is 9/10ths of the law, anyway!  Fanartz Farts by WorshipLover

ALSO! I did an interview at Countershot Press!

And, not really fanart, but the WL crew had a cameo over at Awaken!

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