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Posted July 4, 2016 at 09:59 am

Here's a collection of some of the fanart you guys have sent my way over the past couple of months! Thank you so much, artists!

Click to embiggen at original source! <3

“ So, that was supposed to be a sick orange glow, but it ended up looking like sprayblasted cheese. But such is art. And cheese.
I’ve gotten a lot of help from a bunch of authors and artists lately, and I’m throwing out some art to everyone...
“ Fanart of the comic ‘Wilde Life’. I really wanted to support the kickstarter for the first volume, but I’m broke so I couldn’t afford it ; - ;
Oh, this looks great! Love that Eliza! pumpkinleif:
“ Breeding via eye contact? There’s no natural predator that could keep up with a breeding rate that excessive, Eliza! Then again, biology sort of goes out the window when your natural predators probably include things like witches and... artoflukka:
“ Clifford, from Wilde Life! I got to meet Pascalle at S.P.A.C.E. today and gave her the original fanart. She was very nice, and SPACE was so much fun!
I have this now and I’m going to frame it! It’s even prettier in...
“@lepas After over a year of following Wilde Life, I felt like it was finally time to do some fanart. All of this talk of young Eliza and Darcy I felt the urge to draw this. Someone has got their game face on, and is dressed to...
“ sylvia is probably my fav character from wilde life but i still have a huge soft spot for cliff
thanks to @lepas for creating such a fantastic webcomic!
Oh, the colors on this are so nice! His expression is breaking my heart serenityneko:
“ working on my coloring skills by drawing my fave two lesbian witches
Eliza and Darcy belong to @lepas, from their webcomic Wilde Life
aw, thank you! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else draw Darcy before!  


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Posted February 4, 2016 at 10:26 am

I know this is a lot sooner than I usually do a roundup, but we got a bunch more, so, here goes!

Click to embiggen at original source!


Only ghosts can pet clifford. 

So, anyway, that’s how Cliff got the Madness and why we had to put him down.(this is hilarious and 100% in character Wendy!!) oddsbod:

Hey! More art that isn’t characters floating in a soulless white void!  
Backgrounds are hard, etc, in other news, the lovely Summer Witch Eliza Proctor, from the all around gorgeous webcomic Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas.  Something quick to practice colors, I might do more, cus Eliza’s clothes are super fun.

Beautiful! I love that top!
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If you've done fanart you want included in a fanart roundup, just tweet me or tag me on DA, or on tumblr, tag your post "wilde life". ;)

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Posted January 26, 2016 at 12:14 am

I'm completely spoilt by all of these! Thank you SO MUCH artists!

Click to embiggen at original source.


uuuhhh i drew a cool wolf head but i don’t know what to do with it
*adds tongue stud*
okay good now it’s fanart
This is Cliff from Wilde Life.

such pretty furry swooshes!  spectrumstungun:

Smokin’ in the woods. So hardcore.
Yet another fanart of Wilde Life by @lepas to procrastinate warm up between pages. This was 100% in my art comfort zone, so shoutout to Cliff for being the badly dressed angsty teen boy I latch onto in every story.
Also this happened I’m sorry

YES bridgebandicoot:

ok wow this is from months ago and my art is a bit better than this now but heres a clifford@lepas

Classic Cliff side-eye! Thank you!

Look I made a Clifford from Wilde Life made by @lepas

you all spoil me! :3 the-lovely-wren:

Thought it was about time I did some art again; look who showed up!

You’ve all become too clever for me, pre-catching all my jokes! <3 firetothefields:

IM DONE WITH FINALS YAY  Here’s a (messily) colored Eliza from last night’s procrastination born sketch in celebration of this temporary freedom. If you guys aren’t reading @lepas ‘ comic Wilde Life you are seriously missing out on something amazing, so really y’all better go read it.

Oh my goodness! This is so pretty! Thank you!Hooray being done with finals! I hope you have a great holiday!

Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas is one of my very favorite comics. Here we have a ginger lycanthrope getting caught smoking by his not-dad, while an old ghost has certain thoughts ðŸº  ðŸš¬  ðŸ‘»  ðŸ’‹
Read it at 

Sean Poppe is one of my favorite artists/people and I’m floating right now. This is so great! THANK YOU!!    

If you want your fanart to be included in the next roundup, just tag it "wilde life" on tumblr, tweet to or mention me on DA (username Lepas), or email it to pascalle.lepas(at)gmail


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Posted December 6, 2015 at 12:18 pm
Heres @lepas‘ character Clifford from Wilde Life meeting my weredog oc, Sebastian. Dear @lepas
I am so, very sorry. I don’t know what overcame me.

(Fanart of a character from Wilde Life…more like Waffle Loaf)

cliff from wilde life by @lepasthe anatomy looks so awkward but i wanted to mess with simple coloring 

Cutie. Thank you! I love that ginger color!
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There's starting to be a theme here, I think.

Thanks for all the wonderful arts, artists! Click image to view at original source. :)

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Posted November 5, 2015 at 03:39 pm

Just a quick fanart roundup, this time! Here's a few cute things!


“Oh he’s not SO bad”
But I mean like, sometimes he kind of is. 

It’s late and I haven’t drawn in a week and sometimes you just want to doodle a mean werewolf kid, a ghost, and just some guy

That’s an especially good Cliff bitch face! <3

Day 21

Its a wilde life out there, Oscar

That’s a super good perfect Jewish nose!And you’re almost done with the challenge! Way to go!!

Featuring Sheol, from Pascalle Lepas’s rad comic Wilde Life.  I love Sheol.  Everything I see about him makes me hype.  Pitch perfect atmosphere of mystery and creepiness.  So cool.  However, he has yet to appear in-comic, so I have been forced to assume his role in the story is Sheol, International Master of Disco. His introductory scene:
Sheol: *wispers in oscar ear* i am all devils and no devils.
Sheol: *rudely schools oscar with his sick dance moves*
*oscar cries*
*it’s too beautiful*
(obligatory Go Read Wilde Life)

Sheol is a musician!! HOW DID YOU KNOW??This looks really cool, too! I can’t believe fanart for a character that hasn’t even been hinted at by the narrative (much).  

It seems strange to include fanart for characters that haven't been introduced yet, but here we are! 

Click to embiggen at original source. Thanks so much artists! <3


This Oscar cosplay!

and this "cameo" in Lonely Vincent.

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If you did fanart and want to make sure I see it, just tag it "wilde life" on tumblr, or tweet it to me @lepas, or message me on DA (also lepas).

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Posted October 18, 2015 at 10:32 am

Click to embiggen at original source. :)


Dread Wolf vs Shit Wolf
I dunno ok I just had a really long week and I finished my work and this was the cooldown doodle so.<3 <3 <3 to everyone who loves Dragon Age AND Wilde Life <3 <3 <3You are a sparkling treasure <3

!!!!!!!!!But from everything that I have learned about Dragon Age so far it seems like Solas is also a shit wolf. :3 spectrumstungun:

Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas is one of the best comics out there, read it and weep with me

I LOVE THISALSO weird kismet because I’m also working on them in that same kitchen with that same aloe plant!!!and they look really surprised about it.

he looks so intense!! jasperlizard:

Fanart for lepas‘s webcomic, Wilde Life! Its one of my favorite webcomics and you should go read it because it has amazing writing and beautiful art and WEREWOLVES so what more do you need.
Anyway here’s a generic painting of Clifford the teenage jerk werewolf. 

so pretty!!

Accidental Wilde Life fanart. 

so pretty! Classic Oscar expression. :) bluelemonsketch:

Sylvia by Sariibubblecat She’s Sylvia from Lepas’ webcomic “Wilde life”! Go read it,you won’t regret it!

what a cute expression!
Day 2 : Clifford (Wilde Life webcomic) adorable-anarchist:

Wilde Life is a good comic, go read it

I love how Cliff is like “Pay attention to me, so I can ignore you!.” haha
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I hadn't done a roundup in a couple months, and there's so many great things! Thanks so much, artists! <3

If you've done a fanart and you want me to see, just tag it "wilde life" on tumblr, tweet @lepas on twitter, or note/mention Lepas on DA. 

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Posted September 2, 2015 at 11:48 am
i&rsquo;m not cool or artistic enough to own a scanner (or draw bodies oops) but here are some sketches that i did of the characters from wilde life by lepas. oscar is my favorite, sylvia came out okay, but clifford was being a little shit. also i didn&rsquo;t have a reference so i parted his hair on the wrong side. and my multicolor pen&rsquo;s red quit out on me when i was accenting the space around cliff. fml.
Are you reading Wilde Life yet??? image

Thank you so much for the amazing fanarts, you guys! (Click to see the original)

If you did a fanart and want to make sure I see it, tag it "wilde life" on tumblr, tag or note me on DA, tweet it to @lepas, or just email it!

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Posted August 5, 2015 at 06:19 pm

So many great fanarts for my birthday, I'm so blown away! Thank you so much everyone!! I'm so lucky ;_;


Happy belated birthday to lepas the author and artist of Wilde Life! If you haven’t already read it, I highly suggest it! It’s a paranormal story with werewolves, witches, ghosts and a very normal(?) guy trying to survive through it all!

This is so sweet, Kez! Thank you so much!!

So, I just want to wish Pascalle Lepas (one of my fav artist) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉 She’s the creator of the awesome webcomic Wilde Life ! [GO READ IT NOW!] And well, just thanks her for making it and keeping up with updates! Oh and also that I REALLY ADMIRE YOU!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!! LOVE YOU!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

this is perfect <3!!!Thank you!  the-dangerous-mute-lunatic:

[Oscar noooo. So recently I go into reading a wonderful comic named Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas.Seriously. Go read it. It’s awesome and I need someone to worry with me about Oscar here.]

I’m deciding that you did this for my birthday, so THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE IT!
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Posted July 1, 2015 at 02:26 pm

Some new fanarts to show off! Click to see the original! 


And this amazing fan song about Sylvia by Captain Jenno! Listen HERE.

Thanks so much, you talented people! <3


A couple more!

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