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I'm completely spoilt by all of these! Thank you SO MUCH artists!

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uuuhhh i drew a cool wolf head but i don’t know what to do with it
*adds tongue stud*
okay good now it’s fanart
This is Cliff from Wilde Life.

such pretty furry swooshes!  spectrumstungun:

Smokin’ in the woods. So hardcore.
Yet another fanart of Wilde Life by @lepas to procrastinate warm up between pages. This was 100% in my art comfort zone, so shoutout to Cliff for being the badly dressed angsty teen boy I latch onto in every story.
Also this happened I’m sorry

YES bridgebandicoot:

ok wow this is from months ago and my art is a bit better than this now but heres a clifford@lepas

Classic Cliff side-eye! Thank you!

Look I made a Clifford from Wilde Life made by @lepas

you all spoil me! :3 the-lovely-wren:

Thought it was about time I did some art again; look who showed up!

You’ve all become too clever for me, pre-catching all my jokes! <3 firetothefields:

IM DONE WITH FINALS YAY  Here’s a (messily) colored Eliza from last night’s procrastination born sketch in celebration of this temporary freedom. If you guys aren’t reading @lepas ‘ comic Wilde Life you are seriously missing out on something amazing, so really y’all better go read it.

Oh my goodness! This is so pretty! Thank you!Hooray being done with finals! I hope you have a great holiday!

Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas is one of my very favorite comics. Here we have a ginger lycanthrope getting caught smoking by his not-dad, while an old ghost has certain thoughts ðŸº  ðŸš¬  ðŸ‘»  ðŸ’‹
Read it at 

Sean Poppe is one of my favorite artists/people and I’m floating right now. This is so great! THANK YOU!!    

If you want your fanart to be included in the next roundup, just tag it "wilde life" on tumblr, tweet to or mention me on DA (username Lepas), or email it to pascalle.lepas(at)gmail


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