Posted September 2, 2015 at 11:48 am
i’m not cool or artistic enough to own a scanner (or draw bodies oops) but here are some sketches that i did of the characters from wilde life by lepas. oscar is my favorite, sylvia came out okay, but clifford was being a little shit. also i didn’t have a reference so i parted his hair on the wrong side. and my multicolor pen’s red quit out on me when i was accenting the space around cliff. fml.
Are you reading Wilde Life yet??? image

Thank you so much for the amazing fanarts, you guys! (Click to see the original)

If you did a fanart and want to make sure I see it, tag it "wilde life" on tumblr, tag or note me on DA, tweet it to @lepas, or just email it!

Tags: fanart
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