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Just a quick fanart roundup, this time! Here's a few cute things!


“Oh he’s not SO bad”
But I mean like, sometimes he kind of is. 

It’s late and I haven’t drawn in a week and sometimes you just want to doodle a mean werewolf kid, a ghost, and just some guy

That’s an especially good Cliff bitch face! <3

Day 21

Its a wilde life out there, Oscar

That’s a super good perfect Jewish nose!And you’re almost done with the challenge! Way to go!!

Featuring Sheol, from Pascalle Lepas’s rad comic Wilde Life.  I love Sheol.  Everything I see about him makes me hype.  Pitch perfect atmosphere of mystery and creepiness.  So cool.  However, he has yet to appear in-comic, so I have been forced to assume his role in the story is Sheol, International Master of Disco. His introductory scene:
Sheol: *wispers in oscar ear* i am all devils and no devils.
Sheol: *rudely schools oscar with his sick dance moves*
*oscar cries*
*it’s too beautiful*
(obligatory Go Read Wilde Life)

Sheol is a musician!! HOW DID YOU KNOW??This looks really cool, too! I can’t believe fanart for a character that hasn’t even been hinted at by the narrative (much).  

It seems strange to include fanart for characters that haven't been introduced yet, but here we are! 

Click to embiggen at original source. Thanks so much artists! <3


This Oscar cosplay!

and this "cameo" in Lonely Vincent.

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If you did fanart and want to make sure I see it, just tag it "wilde life" on tumblr, or tweet it to me @lepas, or message me on DA (also lepas).

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